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Chapter 11 of Resident Evil 4 follows Leon and Luis as they come to the surface after a long journey through the depths at the end of chapter 10.

Our walkthrough for Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 11 ensures that you will not miss any objects from the beginning of the chapter through the mines, the blast furnace, a few minecart rides, the stop and the hive.

In this walkthrough, we won’t mention all the items that anyone (or anything) you shoot drops — when you finish something, you’re looking for a drop of loot.

Also, the contents of the boxes are a bit random depending on your inventory and weapons, so you probably won’t find exactly the same things as those listed below. However, the boxes and the barrels themselves are still located in the same places. And all other objects – keys, collectibles and resources that are not in boxes – should be the same.

Chapter 11 begins in a secure dealer room. Take the foreman’s log file on the left of the typewriter and crush the box on the right for pesetas and gunpowder.

The dealer does not sell anything new, but he will exchange a gold token for 3 spinels. We bought back all our treasures not so long ago. So if you’ve followed our chapter walkthroughs, you probably won’t have anything to sell.

There is also a shooting gallery here if you are looking for new charms to hang on your briefcase.

Climb the ladder to the northwest of the footbridge (railway) above you. Turn right to break a few boxes of gunpowder and Magnum ammunition. Turn left and follow the Tunnel.

Keep moving forward at The intersection to find the explosion zone lock (?). Turn around, take the explosive storage notice file from the mouth of the tunnel on the left (North) and take the fork to the north.

Once at the top, enter the mines. Once you have the ammunition, take a second to catch all the villagers you see. If you arch the railing here, several other villagers — including a villager with a chainsaw — will strike from the left.

Pay attention to the explosive barrel around the corner to help you. When you think you’re done, another villager with a chainsaw comes down the stairs to the left.

From where they fall, they curl up under the sidewalk for a box of ammunition for pistol and rifle. Go all the way to the left (passing the stairs) and follow the wall to find a green grass.

Climb the stairs in the southern part of the mines. Follow the path into the building and break the box for a heavy grenade and gunpowder.

Pull the bridge lever on the console and a few more villagers will appear behind you.

Go down and crush the box for rifle cartridges, rifle ammunition and pistol ammunition.

Open the door and come through. Go up the stairs in front of the door. Turn left and look for a lantern with a Sapphire.

Cross the bridge that has just been lowered and take the Tunnel on your left. On the right there is a box and a couple of barrels with a pistol, a rifle and Magnum ammunition. Take the dynamite from the boxes in the center.

Outside, turn left and follow the footbridge. At the end, take the left side to find a chest with a golden hourglass. Drop the edge and return to the “explosion zone” lock.”

Use the dynamite, then return to the Tunnel — you need to avoid both The Explosion and the stones that pass afterwards.

Follow the Tunnel and into The dead end. Crush the box and barrel for pesetas and rifle ammunition. Take the Tunnel on the left side and cross the grid to meet another armored giant. Oh, and he brought a friend.


There is a lot going on in this fight – especially when it comes to two giants and there is no cannon at hand to knock out the armored. (Your official name should really be “Un Gigante” or “Los Gigantes” at this point.)

Fortunately, this fight can end much faster than the previous two. There is a console to the northeast (it is on the right side when you enter) with a switch. When you hold down the switch, a grid opens in the center of the room, which falls into a vat of molten metal.

First of all, focus on the unarmed giant. Just like in the first fight, shoot enough for the parasite to come out, then shoot at it (or press the button prompt to jump on it and start poking). Your goal this time is to make him fall to his knees in the middle of the room-and really, he just needs to be vaguely near the hatch. If he is in Position, Luis will tell you to press the switch. Do.

However, the giant will not always be cooperative, so you may have to repeat the process of bursting the parasites several times.

The armored giant is a little more difficult to manage because of the armor. Don’t bother shooting at them. Just keep yourself busy by running away until Luis does his own mission. A few seconds after, he will return with a pile of dynamite.

Lure the armored giant to Luis’s tower so that he can place the Bomb, then shoot the dynamite to expose this giant’s parasite. Shoot it for a while, then also give this giant the Gollum Moment at the end of the return of the king (make him kneel in the middle of the room, press the switch to open the hatch and drop this one into the molten metal.)

Scan the edges of the room to find boxes and objects. You will find pistol ammunition, gunpowder, submachine gun ammunition and a hand grenade. There are also several boxes and barrels with (a lot) of pesetas and a velvet blue.

When you’re done, go to Luis and push him over the door.

Minecart 1↴
Look for a pair of barrels with even more pesetas in the maintenance room under the stairs, then go up the stairs to catch a green grass on the landing. Go up the stairs and go down the Tunnel.

When you arrive at the Minecar room, stay to the left to find a typewriter. Drop off and join Luis in the minecart.

You may notice that you now have infinite ammo in your pistol. There is a reason for this — things will soon become all sorts of interesting things.

First of all, you need to tilt in the same way that the track curves to keep the cart stable — Lean to the left when the track is curved to the left. Then you have to shoot through boards blocking the Tunnel, then pull a switch immediately after to redirect your cart to a less deadly Road.

At this place, several carts appear with villagers-Arbalists (with burning bolts) who overtake them on parallel tracks. Take your time and land your shots here — they don’t have to be perfect, but aiming takes a long time and the carriage is quite weak. Try to reload in gaps – like when you’re going through a Tunnel — because you won’t have much time to do it while you’re under strike.

Keep an eye on the explosive barrels to make your job easier and keep an eye out for a villager who keeps the dynamite on your trail.

After the exploding barrels section, pull another switch to redirect your cart again. You will eventually land at a standstill.


Go up the stairs and around the corner. They are jumped by three villagers, including one who throws dynamite. Go to the main room to find two boxes of pesetas.

Look above the south wall to see the clock tower 10 of 16. Go through one of the doors on the same wall and open the chest on the right for a bottle. Turn around and also take the red grass, then go up the stairs.

Turn to the top left to crush a barrel with more pesetas.

Minecart 2↴
This minecart ride comes with Murky music, so you know it’s serious. You immediately have to deal with more turns and a swarm of villagers in mine carts. There’s a chainsaw-wielding villager in a cart to your left, but don’t worry about him just yet. Watch for more exploding barrels and another dynamite villager on your trail.

If you go out briefly, watch for a pile of barrels at the entrance to the tunnel. After that, the chainsaw villager gets much closer to them. Just inflict damage until his cart leaves, then direct your attention to the Arbalists who are constantly trouble you.

Eventually, the chainsaw villager will pass to the other side. Just keep pumping bullets into his head. Soon after, a tower will collapse in front of you. Pay attention to a switch (strangely difficult to hit) on the right.

After a short sightseeing tour, the journey will come to a very exciting end.

Basket Of Bees

After the cutscene, there is a typewriter in front of you. Go left until the bridge you are on collapses.

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