Netflix Hire Creative Director of Halo Destiny


Joseph Staten, co-creator of the Halo and Destiny franchises, is now at Netflix, where he will serve as creative director for a “brand new cross-platform AAA game and an original IP,” he announced on Monday. Staten announced his departure from Microsoft earlier this month, where he served as senior creative director and chief creative officer at Halo Infinite.

“There is nothing in my professional life that I love more than working with others to create worlds full of iconic characters, deep secrets and endless adventures,” Staten said in a tweet about his new role at Netflix. “Today I am pleased to announce that I have joined Netflix Games as the creative director for a brand new cross-platform AAA game and an original IP. Let’s go!”

The hiring of Staten signals an important investment by Netflix for its games division, which announced last month that 16 games will be developed in the in-house game studios and 70 in development with third-party partners. Netflix’s game studios include Night School Studio, Boss Fight enjoyment, Next Games, Moonloot and Spry Fox.

“Our goal is to develop a wide portfolio of games-in different genres and formats – because we believe that everyone can find pleasure in games if they have one (or more!) it’s good for them,” Leanne Loombe, vice president of external games at Netflix, said in March.

Staten was a long-time collaborator at Bungie and Microsoft and, according to his LinkedIn profile, served as creative director “responsible for developing the foundations of the history of the Halo universe” and for writing “multi-year serial stories and extended fiction” for Destiny as a co-creative director. In 2013, before the launch of the original Destiny, Staten left Bungie after a 15-year career there to join Microsoft and collaborate with the global publishing group of Xbox Games Studios. He joined Halo developer 343 Industries in 2020 to work on Halo Infinite and deliver this game on Windows PCs, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Netflix launched its foray into gaming in 2021, focusing mainly on mobile games based on its original IP, such as Stranger Things. The streaming company has since acquired a number of EXCLUSIVE mobile games and brought titles such as Spiritfarer, Terra Nil, Immortality, Poinpy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge to mobile platforms as part of a regular Netflix subscription.

The company’s move to games coincides with a growing number of game adaptations for Netflix, including hits such as the League of Legends spin-off Arcane, the Cuphead Show and the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, as well as upcoming projects based on Biosurprise, Dragon Age, Pokémon and Tomb Raider.

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