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“Yes, the comparison of Mario Kart and Forza Horizon, I take it,” says Brian Silva, Director of the upcoming Lego 2K Drive, during a preview of Visual Concepts’ new racing game. The comparison was the first thing that came to mind after about three hours of Lego 2K Drive Hijinx open world driving and races full of Power-Ups, boost Pads and a lot of drifting.

However, since this is an officially licensed Lego game, Lego 2K Drive seems to have the building blocks that are more than its influences.

The configuration of Lego 2K Drive is quite standard: you are the new kid in the neighborhood and you have to improve your reputation by winning races and completing side quests to finally gain enough notoriety to challenge the familiar characters of the story and unlock new areas of the map. So the stage is set for this kind of games, but the key lies in what only Lego can offer.

If you have played one of the Lego Action-Adventure games or watched the Lego movies, you will be familiar with the ironic humor of the brand. This same light-hearted silly lays the foundation for Lego 2K Drive to contextualize the open-world driving adventure. The broadcasters of the story in the universe tell about game events with irreverent self-awareness, mocking the follish of what is happening. Almost every character’s name seems to be a cheesy car-related pun, and the side missions charge you with doing silly races for the NPCs – although I think I’ve done too many quests to help the cops with their fucking job, and now I’m part of the problem, but it’s up to me.

The Lego blocks themselves are an integral part of the gameplay and the way the open world is designed. “Everything you see in the Lego game can be built with Lego in the real world,” Silva said of the buildings, foliage and other objects seen in the game. This extends to the vehicles themselves, which are the most important piece of the game’s identity.

The open world of Blocklandia consists of different types of terrain. Your vehicle automatically and instantly transforms into the right vehicle that matches the topography — a racing car for open roads, an off-roader in the dirt and a speedboat for navigating on water. It is nice to navigate the world seamlessly and be able to use the different types of vehicles on the fly, which puts more emphasis on the many customization features of the vehicle.

You can accessorize any of these vehicles with stickers, Flair or follish configurations with blocks stacked on top of each other. But the most intriguing aspect is the possibility of building vehicles brick by brick with official Lego blocks, of which there will be more than 1,000 pieces to play. It took a while for the customization garage controls to figure it out, because there are several moving parts, levels and small parts to manage in a 3D space. It’s not as simple as breaking any brick when you are designing designs from the wall, so I imagine that to get the most out of the game, it will take considerable effort and a struggle with the systems.customization options. However, after about 30 minutes, I was able to crash a modest car, so I’m sure that with more time and creativity, people could create wild whips. And although he could not confirm some details, Silva mentioned that players can share designs online (and there will be a process of checking for inappropriate content).

Whatever monstrosity or fine piece Of Lego Craftsmanship you propose for your vehicles, they will take you on the races. And I think what’s most striking from a Gameplay point of view is that Lego 2K Drive is largely a kart racer. There’s a vast open world to explore and finish, but most of the meat of the game is found in its competitive races, and it has all the regalia you’d expect. You catch power-Ups and objects on tracks such as homing missiles, shields, bombs or speed boosts that can turn the tide of any race. In the way of karting, you are never really sure of the first place, even in the finish straight-a rocket at the right time can stop you just before crossing the finish line.

The courses often offer big jumps and Boost pads to maintain momentum, and on varied terrains, you can use any type of vehicle during the race. Each racer also has their own NOS-type speed boost indicator, which accumulates faster as you finish a track and promotes controlled driving recklessness. Drifting is the key to sharp turns at high speeds – it is made easier by simply pulling the right trigger so that your car breaks the traction and glides. It is quite easy to control even through a hairpin. The courses themselves change according to the three available difficulties; not only do they make the AI more difficult, but they throw twists, turns and additional obstacles on the track for more chaotic races.

It’s cool to see someone else giving the Kart Racing Genre a chance, especially with a collaboration like Lego to make it stand out, but also to integrate it into a wider environment with other activities in between. This is where I’d like to see more of the game, though. Most of the side quests resembled basic tasks, such as timed runs from point A to point B or fast chases. Other missions appear for pieces of XP, such as the one where I had to defend three towers by meeting aliens descending from UFOs. He played in the silly Tone, but he didn’t necessarily play to his strengths in terms of Gameplay. This is an aspect that felt weaker due to the practical demo.

However, there is a good Gameplay base. Driving on the map is effortless and unlike its contemporaries, you never feel like you’re stuck or have to reset. your Lego vehicle simply transforms for the Situation and makes things happen. A dedicated jump button also makes it easier to explore, so you don’t need to be kept on the ground all the time. Silva mentioned that she wanted to create a sense of exploration, saying: “It’s not called [Lego 2K] Racing for a good reason. We didn’t want this to be your traditional racing game where you choose, track and replay your vehicle. We wanted it to feel like a driving adventure.”With so many other parts of the map to unlock, I hope that The adventurous spirit of Lego 2K Drive will become more evident as the game progresses.

Overall, Lego 2K Drive has a lot of potential both as a kart racer and as a light open-world driving experience. I’m curious if the racing aspect of Kart offers enough to maintain long-term interest, as it seems that the potential is there, especially with a focus on multiplayer racing and open world activities. A campaign of about 15 hours boils down to things outside the karting race to support the rest of the game, be it the silly atmosphere, the deeper customization of the vehicle or the content of the page in Blocklandia.

It won’t be long before you can move stones yourself. Lego 2K Drive will be released on May 19 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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